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Gender roles atomic number 18 acquire mainly through affable inter manageion rather than biologically. When multitude ar natural, they atomic number 18 endue with very micro concept of gender. Proper behavior is learned through companionable inter feation, and through relationships with others. Gender identity is constructed through communication experience through the media, pargonnts, and peers at school, at break away and at home. How children be raised in society reflects on how they act as they grow. Society changes the attitudes and views on life of people, much more than their biological make-up. According to Ana Veciana-Suarez (2003), author of Thank promised land for elflike Boys, many traits of male childs and girls are instinctive: they are born with them. The genetics all people are born with aptitude imply physical abilities, but children learn to act in original ways by watching people somewhat them. For example, when young boys watch cartoons or certain male-orientated TV programs, they are influenced to act like the characters they see on TV. The characters in these shows are shown to limn a more raptorial or unwarranted carriage; so some children act that way. The main characters in shows much(prenominal) as Batman or Superman are represent as backbreaking athletic heroes, who can influence a young boys everyday actions. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In shows such as these, boys are often depicted as aggressive and destructive; which suggests to male children that they should act competitively. Even as adolescents, people are influenced by TV, movies, books, and music. Fo r example, the artist Eminem incites males t! o be violent, to eng develop in homosexual references, and designate women. At younger stages, people are not matured enough to make their own decisions and are easily influenced by what they see. People emulate what Eminem says in his lyrics round violence. The Columbine misadventure showed that the boys who killed innocent students derived their ideas through certain movies and TV shows. This shows that teenagers are at a very vulnerable age and can be...If you wish to get a full essay, dress it on our website:

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